Square Introduction.
Square Technology Group Co. Ltd (formerly Nantong Square Freezing & Heating Mechanical Equipment Co. Ltd.) is a listed company in Shanghai-stock Exchange. The company has been manufacturing freezing systems for over 30 years futhi the largest industrial freezer manufacturer in the China.
Square Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nantong Square) was founded by Mr. Huang Jie in 1986. It is a leading domestic cold chain equipment manufacturer with comprehensive advantages.
amaklayenti :We serve a wide range of international enterprises including Tyson foods, Cargill, Uniliver, OSI, CPF, BIMBO, and etc..
imikhiqizo main :Our hot-selling products include IQF freezers,refrigeration system, PIR/PU panels, and unit coolers.
Ikhono lokukhiqiza :Our factory cover an area of 640 hectares (6400,000 square meters) and our company has recruited 1500+ employees so far. We also adopt the vertically integrated manufacturing structure for strict quality control.
I-R & D. : We own CE, ASME, PED, U2, CSA, CRN certifications and 300+ patents, as well as 350+ engineers.
Izikhungo : We built the global service network with 200+ service technicians.
Market:We have served 3000+ clients and successfully set up 5000+ installations.
Vertically Integrated Manufacturing
Square Technology is the only IQF manufacturer who makes most key parts in house, including evaporator, PIR panels, belt, structure, pressure vessels, etc. This model allows the company to be more efficient in ...
Quick Freezing: The air flow pattern is optimized to shorten the freezing time, minimize the food dehydration and best heat transfer.Lower energy consumption: Square Tech keeps breaking through traditional cold chain ...
In 2014, first carton freezer was developed. Daily freezing capacity for meat can reach 500 tons/day; In 2016, IPO in Shanghai Stock Exchange; In 2017,total solution of bakery cooling, proofing, freezing and handling delivered to multi-national bakeries including Bimbo, Bama, Dr Oetker