I-Spiral Freezer Yesitolo sokubhaka sase-Holiland, Enye Yezitolo Ezinkulu Kunazo Zonke E-China

Square Technology’s just successfully installed a spiral freezer and spiral cooler for Holiland, a major bakery plant which produce premium bakery product based in China. The spiral freezer can freeze around 2 tons of frozen dough, croissant, etc. The dough are quickly frozen to proper temperature. The spiral freezer has also included the CIP system, which can automatically clean the inside of the freezer entirely. The freezer meats the highest hygienic standard for food processing. The frozen dough can be baked in the bakery outlet, restaurant and home later. The frozen dough guarantees fresh and original tasted of fresh baked breads. Our major customer included Bimbo, Dr Oertker, Paris Baguette, Mankattan etc.